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Positive Behaviour for Learning


Tyler - PB4L sticker 

Brunswick Heads Public School is an inclusive school which uses a positive behaviour for learning framework, focussing on the three core values of Respect, Participate and Be Safe.

Our staff use behaviour and learning data to identify specific behaviours that are explicitly taught. Teachers provide lessons and experiences for students to practice positive behaviours both in the classroom and across other learning environments, like the playground, travelling to and from school, on excursions, at the canteen or in assembly.

Please visit the associated pages for information about PB4L Stickers, Day Of Celebration & Red Card Behaviour Plans.

During Term 1 our focus values have been:-

Week 1-2   Participate - Tools for School

Week    3   Be Safe - Be in the Right Place
                  at the Right Time

Week    4   Respect - Different Teacher, Same Respect

Week    5   Be Safe - Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself

Week    6   Respect - Listen Respectfully

Week    7   Participate - Be an Effective Learner

Week    8   Be Safe - Travel Safely to and from School

Week    9   Respect - Be Safe - Be a Positive Bystander

Week   10  Respect - Speak Respectfully to All Adults incl. Parents

Week   11  Respect - Fair and Fun Play

Term 2

Week     1  Respect - Speak Respectfully to All Adults incl. Parents

Week     2  Be Safe - Name It

Week     3  Participate - Keep Calm and Raise Your Hand

Week     4  Respect - Using Toilets Appropriately

Week     5  Participate - Wear Correct Uniform

Week     6  Respect - Care for Belongings and School Equipment

Week     7  Be Safe - Move Safely Around Our School


Miss J. Clowes

PBL Co-ordinator