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Forward With Pride

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Parents and citizens' association

If you would like to be involved or have some ideas to make our school a better place, please come along and join us!

Meetings are in the school library and begin at 6:30pm in daylight savings months with the flexibility of 6pm during the winter months. They generally wrap up by 8pm.

Meeting Dates for 2021

June 9th

July 14th

August 11th

September 8th

October 13th

November 10th

December 8th

Complimentary babysitting provided (for pre-school aged kids and above) in the Junbung classroom next door. Please let us know via if you will require this.


P&C Membership

Our membership is $5 for a Full Member. It is payable on the night of your first meeting, and generally we encourage members to kick start off at the March meeting which is the AGM (Annual General Meeting).

Full Membership entitles you to: have a vote in all decision making; run for a position; suggest agenda items for discussion and you'll be required to attend monthly meetings or send apologies for not attending.



We have just updated and passed a new Constitution and By-Laws so if you are a new member, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with these documents!

Constitution-0815 (pdf 298 KB)   By-Laws (pdf 252 KB)


All the executives can be contacted via the P&C email address:

March 2021-March 2022

Executive Positions

President: Doug Lord

Vice Presidents: Allison Rogers and Nerida Byron

Secretary: Georgie Ibarra

Treasurer: Jake Miller and Ben Fitzgibbon

Uniform Coordinator: Libby Tooth

Other Executive Committee Members: Kristina Drapes, Rachel Hogan, Tahlia Loughran


P&C Subcommittee Positions

Sponsorship Coordinator: Kristina Drapes and Kaz Ross

Media Coordinator: vacant – Allison Rogers will continue in a holding capacity

Canteen Coordinator: Lyn Wark

Garden Coordinator: Dallas Rawlings and Richard Alexander

Class Representative Co-ordinator: Liz Rogers

Ethics Coordinator: Martin Killips

Breakfast Club Coordinator: Astrid George

Old & Gold Co-Cordinators: Kaz Ross, Janet Mackay and Dallas Rawlings (cancelled for 2021)

Trivia Night Coordinator: Ben Fitzgibbon and Allison Rogers

Fairtastic Overall Coordinator: Mel Delaney and Sarah Burke

Fairtastic Prize Collection: Doug Lord

Fairtastic Sponsorship Coordinator: Kristina Drapes and Kaz Ross

Fairtastic Food Stalls Coordinator: Kim Bloomfield

Fairtastic Activity Stalls Coordinator: Jesse Hartman

Fairtastic Entertainment Coordinator:  Danny Rogers