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Red Card Behaviour Plans


Teachers utilise a consistent process at our school in relation to behaviour.

 If students are choosing inappropriate behaviours they are given a verbal reminder. If they continue to choose that behaviour they are given a second reminder and their name is recorded on the board. If a student continues, a red card may be given. At any point during this time the teacher will ask the student the following questions:

  • What are you doing?
  • What should you be doing? 
  • What rule are you breaking?
  • Where do you choose to be?

Teachers will also use their professional judgement to give red cards to students who are acting aggressively towards others, swearing or choosing behaviours that are completely unacceptable. Yellow cards are given to students if students make inappropriate choices in the playground, before, after or during school time.

Students who receive a red card, will work in the PBL Planning room with an executive staff member to develop a Positive Behaviour Plan. The Positive Behaviour Plan provides students with an opportunity to reflect on their behaviours and develop an action plan for more positive behaviours. This is completed during lunch playtime and is then taken home for parents to sign off. It is then returned to school, so that students can return to the playground. We value the input of parents and families to support their children in making positive behaviour choices.